Illustration rates:

Because artifact complexity varies so greatly, I do not structure a fee based only on the number of artifacts submitted. Instead I base my cost estimate on the time I predict each individual artifact, map or scene will require to illustrate and multiply that by an hourly rate of $40. This rate is low because my overhead is minimal and I work from an office in my home.

The process:

Call or email me and we can discuss the following information: what the illustration is meant to convey and how the illustration will be used (publication, brochure, exhibit, etc); a general description of the artifacts or scene and if appropriate, what views of the artifact will be required (front, back, cross section or oblique) and  time frame. High resolution photos are critical.
Once you and I have agreed on a concept, I’ll give you an estimate of costs and how long it should take.
Usually the illustrations can be made from photographs. If not, we can consider a shipment option though I am reluctant to entrust the shippers with irreplaceable artifacts.
It will be important for us to be available by email or telephone to discuss clarifications and revisions.
If we agree its necessary, we can draw up a contract that spells out the scope of work, the expectations of each of us, procedures for change, cost, timeline and publication rights.